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We work with pioneering organisations to achieve total supply chain transparency. Your client is one of such organisations, and they believe that you could be too.

By becoming part of this initiative, you will directly contribute to the success of your client in driving sustainability improvement from source to shelf, whilst benefiting from free insight along the way.

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Basic information from you
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By sharing key information about your role in the client’s supply chain, you allow us to paint a holistic picture of the entire value chain and deliver actionable insight to you and your client, fostering collaboration and improved relationships.

Gain access to tailored insight, Completely free

Rest assured, your support will be rewarded. As part of our engagement with your client, any environmental insight related to your company will be made available to you, at no charge at all.

Every supply chain stage is important

By participating in your client’s planet-positive initiative, no matter where you are on the product value chain, you will add an invaluable level of detail to our analysis.

Ultimately, this will lead to better performance outcomes for your client, for the planet and for you.

Farmers & Growers

Farms across the world are spearheading sustainability action and taking a stance for the global ecosystems. Begin your journey today and join the ranks of planet-positive farmers.

Processors & manufacturers

Reduce your product’s impact and unlock new planet-positive profits through environmental transparency.

Agents & Sources

As an agent, you have an unparalleled insight into the journey of products across different supply chain stages. We will be able to provide you with information to surface impact hotspots in your operations, paving the path to improvement.


Your services underpin smooth functioning of supply chains across the world. Set a new trend across the industry by participating in your client’s initiative and demonstrating your commitment to the planet to all of your current and future clients.

Packaging services

Packaging has been a major focus of sustainability initiatives for a long time now. Gain access to our free sustainability insight and join the ranks of planet-positive food packaging pioneers.

Storage services

Become a pioneering planet champion among storage providers and benefit from free environmental insight that could lay the foundation for your sustainability strategy.


Meet the consumer demand for transparency and accelerate your path to carbon neutrality, spearheading the sustainable retailer action in the UK and beyond.

Brand owners

Start your sustainability journey today by understanding the impact of your supply chains and using our insight to improve your environmental performance.

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We are a data-driven insights platform that enables food system players to achieve their environmental sustainability goals and drive planet-positive profits. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our work and how we can support your organisation.

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