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Unlock the commercial upside of sustainable farming whilst accelerating the UK’s path to carbon neutrality.

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Rewards at last

Net Zero pledges from big retail, government policy and a surge in consumer demand for ‘sustainable’ mean that premium returns for sustainable produce are fast becoming a reality. Mondra enables you to monitor, improve and communicate the eco-impact of your produce so that you can compete and win in this new world.

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Minimal input. Maximum insight

Get a deep insight into the full ecological impact of your produce. No need to fill out lengthy forms - we’ve done the hard work for you. Share minimal data about your yield and receive a verified produce-level environmental assessment, including industry benchmarks that surface the relative performance of your yield.

Analysed impact measures include: 

Carbon Emissions

A measure of greenhouse gases (GHGs) that are emitted in the production of the yield including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.

Biodiversity Loss

Biodiversity is a measure of every single plant and living creature in a region. We measure the risk of losing species, generated by habitat destruction due to land use changes from farming.

Water Usage

We measure how much freshwater is used to produce a given yield. We also factor in where this water is drawn out of the ground, to account for the water scarcity in a given region.

Water Pollution

We measure the amount of fertilisers that run off the fields into lakes and rivers. This causes algae bloom which starves aquatic life of oxygen and sunlight.

improve your impact

Improve your yield performance

We provide a comprehensive improvements programme that offers recommendations focused on reducing your yield’s environmental impact. It also presents an opportunity to get financially rewarded for implementing regenerative practices across your farm.

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Evidence your great work and reap the reward

Gain credible 3rd party certification of the impact of your produce at no cost on the Mondra platform and let market dynamics do the rest. Retailers and brands across the country are committing to supply chain Net Zero so rest assured that there will be no lack in demand for your planet-friendly produce.

Access new revenue

Sign up to Mondra’s Great British projects (in association with One Carbon World) and access annual compensation for sustainable farming practice.

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We are on the lookout for progressive farmers to build long-lasting relationships that will maximise your farm’s sustainability potential.

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