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Reduce your product’s impact and unlock planet-positive profits through environmental transparency.

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An unseen level of insight into your product's impact

By analysing primary data from your supply chains, Mondra enables you to comprehend the full, verified ecological impact of your products. Access credible performance metrics and use them to confidently communicate your environmental performance across your marketing channels.

Analysed impact measures include: 

Carbon Emissions

A measure of greenhouse gases (GHGs) that are emitted when creating the product. Some of the big culprits are carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.

Biodiversity Loss

Biodiversity is a measure of every single plant and living creature in a region. We are measuring the risk of losing entire species, generated by the land use change made to farm the ingredients of your product.

Water Usage

We measure how much freshwater is used to create a product as well as where this water is drawn out of the ground, to account for water scarcity of this specific location.

Water Pollution

This measure looks at the fertilisers used to grow the ingredients of your product. A lot of them run off the fields into lakes and rivers and this causes algae bloom which starves aquatic life of oxygen and sunlight.

improve your impact

Optimise your products for environmental impact

Mondra assesses the full lifecycle environmental impacts of your products, from the ingredients you use to the processing, packaging, distribution and retail methods. We help you identify impact hotspots across your value chains and highlight opportunities to improve environmental performance.

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Mondra is a novel technology unlike any other sustainability solution on the market, and we are running an early adopter promotion to build long-lasting partnerships with progressive food & beverage brands.

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