Enabling a sustainable food system for the planet

Play your part in reducing food’s environmental impact and get rewarded for it.


A data-driven insights platform that supports food system players to meet their carbon neutrality goals, communicate their performance and drive planet-positive profits.

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OUR mission

Stimulating a food system where sustainable production wins.

Imagine a food system that works with nature, not against it. A system that rewards producers for sustaining people and planet in equal measure. We want to live in this thriving world, so we are creating it.

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Using latest scientific research, measure your product’s full lifecycle impacts including carbon emissions, biodiversity loss, water usage and water pollution.

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Benchmark your products against industry averages, spot opportunities to reduce environmental impact and address them with Mondra’s data-driven advice.

From farm to fork

Mondra works with every part of the food supply chain, connecting players and enabling performance improvements for all.


Farming that's good for planet and profit

The commercial landscape for eco-friendly farm produce is changing. Find out how you can get rewarded for your good work, today.

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Meet the rising demand for sustainable products

Become a planet champion, improve performance of your products and build brand loyalty through environmental transparency.

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Manage the biggest source of your environmental impacts

Empower your suppliers to perform better, optimise your supply chains and achieve your Net Zero goals.

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Our partners

When working with Mondra, you are also tapping into the latest developments in agri-food science and cutting-edge data solutions, to help propel your performance to the skies.

Let's get Started

Start your sustainability journey today

Mondra is a novel technology unlike any other sustainability solution on the market, and we are running an early adopter promotion to build long-lasting partnerships with progressive food & beverage businesses.

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